• Insect Killer Lamp

Insect Killer Lamp



Size : 360mm * 360mm* 660mm
Voltage : 12v 18w 

Frequency vibration insecticidal lamp can be widely used in agriculture,forestry,vegetables,tea,tobacco,gardens,orchards,greenhouse,vineyards,wine brewing,urban greening,aquaculture,livestock and etc.

          Maybe booby traps:
             Vegetables pests , pests of rice , fruits pests , forest pests , wheat pests , grain pests , soil pests, grassland pests,storage pests and etc...

       Frequency insect lamp is based on the habits of the insect phototaxis speciafilly designed to develop the light source,the light wave frequency is set within a specific range,close light distance have pests be lure to the sexual information to lure adults bashing lights together with the frequency of vibration -high voltage power grid tag the lamp,to achieve the purpose of killing pests.Usually insecticidally effective radius of 180 to 220 meters.

           Many farmers agreed that insect killing lamp a variety of ways to kill pests, booby traps and pest species,and large quantities ,can significantly reduce the amount of pest drop eggs,low the insect population base and density,the effect is significant.