• Agriculture Plant Support Net

Agriculture Plant Support Net


Material : HDPE,PE with 3% uv stabilizer
Hole size : 125mm*125mm
Width : 2m
Weight :6-10g/m2
Lenght : 500meters/ roll 

Plant support net is a solid versatile plastic mesh,designed to provide both vertical and horizontal support to climbing plants,vegetables and long stemmed ornamental flowers encouraging healthy growth from seedling to maturity.

        Used vertically,it can be support crops like beans and peas till the crops are at their heaviest and ready for harvesting.

        Laid horizontally,plant support net becomes a fairly effective guide to space -keeping in planting.Successive layers can be fixed at brackets with the continuing growth of plants.This method has been widely adopted by flower growers especially for long-stemmed ones like chrysanthemum,freesia and carnation.

          The plant support net is uv stabilised and rot resistant.It is strong and durable to be used in Tropical countries.

        Plant support net is a clean ,economical,harmless to delicate stems or leaves,and quite easy to fix.At the end of planting season,it can be quicky dismantled and rolled up for subsequent use.