• Fertilizer - CHITOSAN
  • Fertilizer - CHITOSAN
  • Fertilizer - CHITOSAN

Fertilizer - CHITOSAN



deacetylation : 98%
viscossity coefficient : 56 cps
undissolved substance : 0.72%
ash : 0.91 %
moisture : 8.7%

Industrial and agriculture grade Chitosan.


Industrial and agriculture grade chitosan uses offshore shrimp & cab shells as raw materials and can be widely used in chemical engineering, agriculture , paper making, waste water treatment, etc.


1. In chemical Engineering Field:

   - can be used for wall curing and flocculation of acidified of wastewater in oil field.

   - can be applied in sewage disposal as biological adsorbent and flocculation agent.

2. In Agriculture:

     - Chitosan is composed of a group of chitosan ologosaccharides which defend plants from being attacked
         by creatures, such as weed, virus and insect through activating plant immune responses such
       as ethylene and phytoalexins production and lignin synthesis. 5% Chitosan is a new
       generation pesticide, germicide and nematocide with the features of high efficiency, broad
       spectrum and immune inductive.

      Features and Main Functions

       a. Developing stronger roots, accelerating the growth of secondary roots and preventing root rot.

       b. Enhancing the immunity of crops and their resistance to diseases and adversities.

       c. Promoting earlier maturity of the crops and prolonging the crops' freshness and storage period if
            spraying this product before harvesting.

       d. Increasing yield and improving quality.

       e. It contains bio - active marine organism, which is non - toxic, non- residue and pollution free.

     - This new type of bio- high tech product is made from marine organisn by means of bio - enzyme
        engineering technology ang friendly to the enviroment. It contains bio- active Chitosan ,Specific protein
        and adds other numerous nutrients essential to the growth of crops. It can supplement the nutrients and
        promote the growth of crop, producing anti- protein by means the immunity ability of crops.

3. In paper Industrial:

    - can be used as paper sizing agent, reinforcing agent , retention agent, an increase of paper strength,
      recovery of the loss of pulp.

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