• Agriculture Anti Insect Net

Agriculture Anti Insect Net



Material: 100% new HDPE with 3% - 5% uv stabilized
Lenght : 100m
Width : 4m - 6m
Weight : 50g/m2 - 100g/m2

 Anti Insect net is a type yield practical benifits of new technology.It can effectively control of various pests such as cabbage caterpillar,diamondback moth,aphids,flea beetle,sweet grain armyworm,labriomyza sativate,the spread of s.litura and other hazards ,and prevention of transmission of the virus, a significant reduction in chemical pesticide use in vegetable fields.So that the vegetable output is quality health.

   Anti Insect net also have to resist erosion,and hail storms invasion of role.

   Anti insect net with 3% - 5% uv stabilized is a high quality and suitable to use in all Tropical countries which can be use for at least 5 years.