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Benefits of STU

STU deficiency in soil is now recognised as being a critical limiting factor for crop production.

Numerous greenhouse and field experiments have shown the benefits of adding STU for improving crop production and quality and it is highly regarded as a component of productive farming systems.

The proven benefits of STU in plants include :

. Improved cell structural strength, reducing the incidence of lodging.
STU accumulates in the epidermal tissues increasing the mechanical stability of the plant.

. Improved resistance to pathogens and insect attack.
STU deposition in the epidermis tissues provides a physical barrier to pathogens and insects.

. Improved photosynthesis activity. The improved structure of the plant has been shown to improve its ability to capture light.

. Reduce drought and heat stress. The deposition of STU in the plant tissues reduces transpiration rates.

. Reduced salt stress by inhabiting sodium absorption.

. Improved utilization of applied fertilisers.Particularly nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium.

. Alleviates toxicity of iron, manganese, cadmium, aluminum and zinc.

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